Saturday, October 3, 2009

Free fallin

I switched over from AC to heat yesterday. It's officially Fall. Right on cue I got a head cold. I've spent the day cradling a box of tissues and breathing through my mouth. Sexy.

Somehow I've watched nearly all of my recorded TV shows. I'm left with 25 reruns of Stargate: Atlantis and 18 episodes of Ninja Warrior. The DVR bundles each series into 1 listing so right now it only looks like I have 2 available shows to watch. Kind of weird. I'm not really in the mood to watch either right now - well, maybe I could watch Atlantis. I just watched the series premiere of Stargate: Universe so I'm sort of in that mindset. But I think I'm going to read a book instead.

Twoofadozen told me about a series she read earlier this year. The first book is called "All Creatures Great and Small". It's about an English vet in the 1930s. At first I was skeptical. The title is from a hymn so I thought it would be a churchy book. It's not at all. It's hilarious. It follows the vet in his first two years of practice, working in the Yorkshire countryside. I finished it a few days ago and I started on the sequel ("All Things Bright & Beautiful") last night. If you're looking for a few good books to read then I definitely recommend this series!

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Mary said...

Good, I'm glad you like the books! I mean, how can you forget his hilarious encounters with the farmers or his business partner and crazy brother. They made it into a TV series in Britain. I want to watch it now.