Friday, June 5, 2009

Total eclipse of the heart - literal version

Wow. I am cracking up. It's easier to embed the video here than it is to call/email everyone I know and tell them to watch it on YouTube. Watch this video! You will thank me :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Too much recovery information

If what I write below qualifies as too much information, I apologize. I went back on the happy pills because the doc said I need to keep taking them to combat the inflammation. At least, I think it was the doc who said that. It may have been the pink elephants. Anyway, my judgment has probably been compromised. Enjoy!

If you're interested, I'm doing all right. I saw my surgeon for a post-op visit on Monday. I'm taking two more weeks off from work while I heal. I was concerned that there might be an infection because things were looking pretty oozy/scabby. The surgeon prescribed an antibiotic as a precaution. I'm also supposed to rub Neosporin on the scabby bits several times a day, which is leaving vulgar oily patterns on my t-shirts. I'm actually really glad I can stay home and I don't have to walk around the office with oily nipples. That might raise a few questions! Oh, I'm supposed to let air get to the area so my stitches can break down, in case you wondered why I haven't just covered up the oily bits with gauze. I also have to rub Vaseline on the healed incisions to reduce scar tissue formation, so the oily areas are a bit more extensive than what I could cover with a BandAid.

All of this lubricating is impeding my bra shopping. Who wants to try on bras with flaking scabs and Neosporin soaked t-shirts? Not I! Since I still don't know what my new bra size is I'm getting by with a tank top that has a built-in shelf bra. Being double-layered it has the added bonus of soaking up most of the grease so people don't stare when I venture out. I haven't done much venturing since I saw the surgeon on Monday. The Hot Pocket supply is getting low and I ran out of most of my edible foods a few days ago so I'll probably have to slink out to the grocery store very soon. Be afraid. Be very afraid!