Friday, August 7, 2009

Facing up to it

Well, this week I did two things I swore I would never do: I phoned in my vote for a TV show and I joined Facebook. I've been afraid to sign up for a social networking site because I thought it might hurt me professionally, but then it occurred to me that maybe a lack of information would be more damaging than the PG-rated life I lead. So I created a profile and I'm building up my Facebook page. Incidentally, that same fear is one of the reasons I wanted to be anonymous on this blog. I'm trying to be honest and uncensored here. I don't want to be fired for my opinions and quirky admissions!

Now, about that voting... I've watched every episode of the current season of So You Think You Can Dance. Three of my favorite dancers made it to the final four this week. Usually I'm just a passive observer. Not this time! I don't know what came over me, but I became very concerned that my least favorite dancer seemed to be the front-runner to win it. So I called. And called. And called. And called. I think I ended up casting 20 votes for Jeanine and 10 for Evan (because he's so darn cute and I'd rather see him win than Brandon). Now I can't use "voted for a contestant on a TV show" in the "I've Never" game, but it was worth it to see Jeanine win the competition last night. Well deserved!

Here's a video of Jeanine's solo from the last night of competition. Skip to 2:25 if you don't want to watch the interview:

Although I thought Jeanine did better overall, my favorite routine of the season was performed by another finalist, Kayla. Here's a video of Kayla and Kupono dancing a Mia Michaels routine about addiction:

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Mary said...

I am still enthralled by that addiction dance. But what a solo by Jeanine last night. I'm very glad she won. Now I'm excited to see Evan's brother in the next season, but I wonder if it will feel too soon because it begins September 2.