Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boys don't make passes

Let's expound on my laziness. I took out my 30-day contact lenses two weeks ago when I rubbed an eye too hard and one of them fell out. My hands were dirty but I plopped them in saline solution and told myself I would clean them that evening. Only I didn't clean them. They were near the end of their 30 days and I could have thrown them out. I'm not sure why I didn't, maybe I was feeling frugal?

Fast forward two weeks and I still haven't cleaned them, mainly because the idea of them sitting dirty for so long is disgusting and I don't want to put them in my eyes. I could throw them out and get a new pair but I don't have another case and the idea of reusing the case I have is almost as disgusting as reusing the lenses. I could buy a new case (and I probably will, eventually) but I keep forgetting to swing by the pharmacy on my twice-weekly run to Target.

I've been wearing my 4 year old glasses instead. They aren't terrible but they aren't all that cute either. What they are is a great disguise for my sans-makeup face in the morning. At least, that's what I tell myself as I scurry to my desk, head down at 8:10.

You see, my laziness extends far beyond the dirty contact lenses. I won't drag myself out of bed before 7:15, despite a clock radio that plays 10 second bursts of Jack's Big Breakfast every 9 minutes beginning at 6:30. I have so little time to get ready that I end up choosing between hair and makeup. I usually go with hair because makeup can be done anywhere. Nowhere in that decision-making process do I ever consider taking a minute to put in new contacts.

And so the cycle continues. I keep wearing these old glasses, feeling a little bit homely but not taking the time to change. Hey, maybe my laziness will pay off and the glasses will attract a nerd or two! Then again, maybe the glasses will attract the wrong kind of nerd - the nongenius kind. Eek.

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Mary said...

We could be related. I'm starting to push it with my glasses, often wearing them for hours into my day at work before finally inserting contacts and applying makeup. I figure funky frames must count for something.