Sunday, November 15, 2009

More of the same

With all of my free time I haven't taken any to update the blog lately. That should tell you how lazy I've become since getting laid off. Also somewhat depressed. I should get out of the house more but I can't be bothered to put on pants.

This week I sat around, shredded some files, watched a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica, played games on Facebook, half-heartedly applied for jobs online... You know, the usual. I still haven't decided what my motivation is for going back to school. I want to be clear on the cost and my expectations. I don't want to just dive into it thinking that it will bring me a higher income if it won't. That's kind of what I did with my MBA and look where that got me. At this point I'm not committing to anything, which for me is, again, the usual.

I did manage to accomplish 2 small things this week. After my success with the light switch in my bedroom I decided to tackle the switch in the guest room. That light has been operated by pull chain since I moved in 2 1/2 years ago. It didn't even matter if the switch was on or off, both the light and the fan would only work if you pulled the chain. I found another jumble of wires and nuts but with the help of my brother Five I sorted it out. Turns out the light and the switch were on different wires. As long as I was mucking around in there I also changed out the switch and plate. The old ones were spattered with lavender and cream colored paints. Ew. Sorry, no pictures. Just take my word for it.

Earlier this year I attacked my trees with loppers. In the process of clearing out overhanging branches I hacked off half a tree limb by the mailbox. I've never been happy with how it looked. Last Sunday I decided to finish the job and went after it with a hack saw. For the benefit of my incredulous brother Three, I took a picture of the stub and hack saw. Here you go:

Right after I finished I saw a neighbor kid heading my way. He offered to rake my leaves and help out with the tree for $20. I told him I was finished with the tree and didn't have any money to pay him with. I recall telling that kid the same sob story a few months ago the last time I mowed the lawn. He said he had a yard care business. I said I was losing my job and needed to save my money. Besides, I once allowed a neighbor kid to mow my lawn and the result was a disaster! Click on the picture below to expand it, then check out those wavy lines. I don't think I'll be paying another amateur to mow!


Joseph said...

Not gonna lie, I thought you didn't know what a hacksaw really was and you were just calling it that. My bad. And it sounds like someone is lawn spoiled from working grounds crew. Wavy lines she say. :)


One of a dozen said...

Lawn spoiled?! LOL. Come on, you have to admit it looks pretty bad. You should have seen him running along behind the mower, turning it whatever direction he fancied. I had to point out several places he missed and make him redo it.

And yes, I know what a hack saw is. I can't imagine what you thought I was using. You asked me more than once if the blade was metal. I'm still not sure why...

Joseph said...

Metal cutting blade vs a wood cutting blade. It does have a metal cutting blade on it. And yes the lawn looks atrocious. I take great pride in lawn care, but now we have a huge dirt patch where I had just seeded. Thank you broken water main.


The Joe said...

Oh yeah. And we don't have dirt. Just rocks of various sizes from pea to softball.


Rachel Dear said...

Now I'm horribly afraid of what your lawn looked like after I cut it..

One of a dozen said...

Don't worry, I was too stoned to notice. Plus I wasn't paying you so I had no room to complain.