Monday, September 7, 2009

The "L" is for Quality

A strangely industrious mood struck me this morning so I tore myself away from the Dirty Jobs marathon and tackled some yard work. I am very tired!

First I cleared the saplings and vines around the fence. Then I set to work trimming the low branches on my trees. When I was finished (about 2 1/2 hours later) I had two big brush piles. I'm half tempted to list them on CraigsList as bonfire fuel - along with my saggy, baggy couch - but I think I'll just call the garbage company and tell them I have a bulk pickup.

Here are the freshly trimmed trees. If I'd thought of taking some "before" shots you'd see how badly the first tree was overhanging the community mailbox. Both trees have been smacking me in the face when I mow the lawn.

I took pictures of the brush piles too. Please note how beautifully my grass seed grew in. It's almost a seamless transition between the old and new grass. Thank you Nine for the fantastic daily watering job!

I'm trying to tidy up here and there in case I need to list the house for sale when I lose my job, although I still have no idea if I want to find a job in Kansas or somewhere else. I'm also thinking about going back to school for a degree in computers - not that I know anything about computers, the money just sounds fantastic.

I know trimming the trees won't sell the house but I'm hoping it will improve the curb appeal. Either way, I'm sure the neighbors will appreciate not getting caressed by branches when they pick up their mail. Or maybe they'll miss the feel of soft leaves brushing their hair? It's Kansas. You never know.

1 comment:

Rachel Dear said...

Holy moly, woman!
You done good.
I can't believe how great the grass looks! Definitely worth it.

I bet you'll sleep wonderfully tonight.