Saturday, November 21, 2009

I like it

A few months ago I posted my hate list (mostly food-related). Well, this week I was inspired by one of my sister's many blog-stalkable friends to compose a like list. Like me, she's in her early 30s and looking to make a change. In her blog a few days ago she said maybe instead of asking what we wanted to "be" when we grew up, we should have been asking "what kind of life do I want to have when I grow up?"

Her question got me thinking. Maybe I should brush aside all of the "I don't likes" and try to decide what I do like instead. If I had a career or lifestyle that I truly enjoyed then I would probably be willing to tolerate a lot of those negatives anyway. So I'm going to start listing things I like, no matter how frivolous they might seem. Hopefully this exercise will help me decide what I want to do next.

I like climbing trees
I like dancing
I like playing sports
I like riding my bike
I like sitting by rivers
I like standing on top of mountains
I like swimming
I like raising kittens
I like snuggling with my cat
I like watching nature shows
I like burgundy & purple
I like sleeping in
I like taking long, hot baths
I like wearing comfy clothes
I like playing with my nephews
I like talking to my siblings
I like eating seafood
I like eating sushi
I like orange juice
I like spicy foods
I like British comedy
I like joking
I like quoting movies
I like playing fantasy games
I like reading Sci Fi
I like watching Sci Fi shows & films
I like Broadway music
I like knowing all the lyrics
I like rock music
I like techno music
I like discovering & sharing new things
I like finding more efficient ways to do things
I like finding new ways home
I like playing puzzle games
I like playing strategy games
I like solving problems
I like watching my money grow
I like reading & discussing news stories
I like reading news articles about science & space
I like reading Wikipedia articles
I like the smell of old books
I like creating PowerPoint presentations
I like drawing pictures in Microsoft Paint
I like formatting documents
I like organizing spreadsheets

Just to let you know how serious I am about the last item, this entire list was composed and arranged in Excel. As I come up with more things I like I will add them to my spreadsheet. It's getting late though so I think I'll stop here.


The Joe said...

I like most of your list. Weird. Maybe we're related.


The Joe said...

I don't know how much room I get, so here goes;

books, movies, music, scifi/fantasy, family, tattoos, sushi, climbing on things, jumping off things, the ocean, girls, cooking, baking, eating, smelling books, dancing in the rain, bitching about stupid people, animals, islands, crying in laughter, joking, pranking, sports, swimming, boobs, nephews, true friends, chilling, shopping, cuddling, cold nights, sunshine, flowers, trees, rivers, good conversation, giggling, tickle fights, smiling, siblings, driving, reminiscing, playing games, acting on random impulses, britishesque accents, traveling, all our childhood games, guns, steak, shrimp, shapely butts, mma, building things, cloud gazing, star gazing, playing.

One of a dozen said...

Good list, Joe.

Okay, now step two of the "Like List" exercise is to figure out how to parlay that into a career. I'm still working on it.

The Joe said...

Blog damn it!