Friday, September 18, 2009

I love to hate you

I had a Philly cheesesteak for lunch yesterday. I picked it up in the cafeteria downstairs and as I turned toward the cashier the grill cook hollered "don't forget your horsey sauce!" Um, gross. I hate horseradish. I also hate Cheez Whiz, but I can tolerate it on a Philly - although if he had given me a chance I would have requested provolone.

Anyway, as I grumbled my way back upstairs I got to thinking about how it's easier for me to list the things I hate than it is to come up with something I like. So here's my hate list in no particular order. Please feel free to comment with a list of your own!

Sharp cheese
Processed cheese
Bell peppers
Raw/undercooked onions
Soggy cereal
Soggy crackers in my soup
Soggy ladyfingers in tiramisu
Dumplings (aka soggy biscuits)
Raisins in cookies, bread or bagels
Pepperoni that hasn't been cooked til crispy
Summer sausage
Black licorice
Red vines
Malted milk balls
Cottage cheese with fruit
Christian music
Country music

Okay, I realize the last two don't really fit with all the food items, but I really don't like them! Ask me about my Hierarchy of Music one day. If you dare.


Joseph said...

Most of your list rings true. I like all cheeses though. But to add:
Cooked vegetables
Law and order
Most candy
ED commercials
Feminine hygiene commercials
Matthew Macwhatever
Spoiled pistachios
I'm sure there are more I can't think of

Mary said...

Our lists are very similar! Except I'm ok with cottage cheese and fruit, sometimes.

I can barely tolerate:
-dry/overcooked meat
-mushy tomatoes
-hard candy (sticks in my teeth)
-a soggy paper plate under my leftovers
-cherries or other squishy fruit chunks in my yogurt

One of a dozen said...

LOL we must be from the same family! Mary's paper plate comment made my teeth shudder.

I thought of a few more:

Runny eggs
Soft corn tortillas
Iceberg lettuce
Dandelion greens
Fried okra