Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I have something to get off my chest

I've been seeing a chiropractor for about a month now. I've had a chronic back ache with numbness and tingling on the right side for about 10 years and I decided this would be the year to fix it. So I budgeted for 20 visits at $50 per visit and set aside $1,000 in a HCRA (health care reimbursement account). The money is deducted from my paycheck before taxes and if I don't use it I will lose it. What better way to force myself to stop procrastinating?

Well, last week the chiro and I had a frank discussion. He asked if I had ever considered breast reduction surgery. Um, YEAH! Have you seen these puppies? It's like hauling around a pair of cantaloupes. Filled with lead. I got a little discouraged though because it was my impression that you can't/shouldn't go through a surgery like that if you're overweight. I saw an episode or two of Extreme Makeover where the women had to work out with a trainer for 8-12 weeks and eat specially prepared meals. Their surgeons wanted them to lose a certain percentage of body fat before operating. Yikes.

This could be a major problem for me. Let's roll out the excuses: my back problems cause hip, knee and ankle problems which make it difficult to exercise. Since losing my thyroid last year I have fallen off the low-carb wagon and gained back at least half of the 70 pounds I spent the previous 18 months losing. I have PCOS and one of the symptoms is insulin-resistance, meaning all of the sugar I consume is immediately converted to fat.

I suppose I should stop making excuses. What would it hurt to consult with a surgeon? If he wants me to lose weight first then maybe he can suggest a way for me to do that. And if I had 15 pounds of boob removed then maybe my back would feel better and I could do more strenuous exercise. At least it would give me more confidence. Lately I've been feeling like everyone (both male and female) is staring at my chest. It makes me feel gross and freakish. So I have a lot to think about.

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Mary said...

Do it, do it. Then tell me how it is.