Friday, May 28, 2010

Day in, day out

I'm still working a lot, although I feel a little less stressed about it.  My boss told me this is the kind of job where I will always have work to do and not to put in too much over 40 hours.  I really needed to hear that. 

Last week I had the lilacs pulled out.  I am so happy they're gone!  It's such a relief to not be dodging branches when I want to mow the lawn or use the front door.  I need to find something to plant there now.  I've been on a blackberry kick and I'm tempted to plant blackberry bushes but I don't think that's the sort of thing you put in your front yard.

This weekend I'm planning to cut down the saplings growing through my chain link fence.  Man, do they grow fast.  I may also have a reemergence of bindweed to deal with.  Things looked a bit vine-y when I was mowing.  I suppose I should also put down more weed-n-feed.  There's always something to do around the yard.  Yea for long weekends!


The Joe said...

What's Bindweed?

One of a dozen said...

It's kind of like morning glory without the flowers. It's a vine.

Mary said...

Ugh, bindweed. And morning glory.

Blackberry bushes would be tasty, but aren't they scratchy? I may be thinking of roses. This is why I'm not in charge of our yard.