Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Unexpected Day Off

My car died at a stop light on the way to work. Boo. I called AAA and waited over an hour and a half for a tow truck to drag me 5 miles up the road to my mechanic. Now I'm home with nothing to do. I tried to arrange a ride into work but no one was available to take me home again. Ah well. At least I have vacation days.

Now, what should I do with my free time? I'm thinking Super Mario Galaxy. I beat that game months ago and I'm trying to unlock a new galaxy. I have to collect 13 more stars to do it. I've been hammering away at the same level for 8 hours. I have to collect 100 purple coins to finish the level and collect a star but Mario? He no jumpy so good. Two areas are driving me batshit (crazy). On one I have to do a complicated crouch jump + spin on top of a very narrow rock in the middle of icy water. If I fall in the water I have about 3 seconds to get the heck out before dying. Nice. I have managed to grab the coin 3 times out of 100. The other area is another crouch jump + spin onto a ledge where a spinning star is waiting to shoot me towards the final 20 coins. There's a lot less danger involved but it takes a lot more work to get to that point and so far I have made the jump... never. Grrr.

Here's a video of someone else beating the same level. It looks like he's using a different technique. Hmm, I must try this....

Okay, I could also work on my resume since my job is at risk, but I prefer to ignore the things that scare me and hope they'll go away. There's a small chance I'll be kept on in the new company. I'm clinging to that hope. Besides, it allows me to pursue my purple coins guilt free. Almost.


Mary said...

So? How did it go?

That looks so much tougher than the levels I attempted at your house last year. I think it could lead to carpal tunnel or something.

One of a dozen said...

I beat the level. Yay! I never did manage to crouch jump & spin to get that coin, but I found a way to fall off the ice slide and grab it on my way down. And I tried the running three jump combination to get up to the ledge. It worked.

Oh, but I totally bombed the second long jump on the summit and missed the last coin. I fell off the planet into a black hole and had to do the entire level over again. GYAAARGH!