Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nephews, nephews, everywhere

I forgot to post about the most exciting event of the year: my nephews were here! Twoofadozen, her husband and their boys came to visit a few days before Independence Day. M will be 4 this month and B is 1 1/2. They are a blast. I had so much fun chasing them around at the playground and pushing M on the kiddie zipline.

On their first day here I gave M a 5 gallon bucket and turned on the hose. He was so excited to spray things outside - including his brother, who didn't share in M's enthusiasm. Here he is taking a "sippy" break:

I very much enjoyed being treated to delicious barbecue from three local restaurants; Oklahoma Joe's, Brobeck's and Arthur Bryant's. My brother in law is a barbecue connoisseur and I was eager to redeem myself after taking them to KC Masterpiece on their last visit.

We stopped for lunch at another local legend, Grinders, where I took this picture of our delicious pizza pie:

That evening we went to a Royals game and I took a panoramic shot of the stadium. It's my first panoramic picture; I didn't know my camera could do that!

The boys made it through 3 hours of baseball and were rewarded with a fireworks display at the end of it. M was thrilled! B was tired.

I'm so glad they came! It was wonderful to see everyone. I gave the boys big hugs and kisses when they left. I wish I could see them more often. If I lose my job here I will definitely apply for something closer to them.


Mary said...

Yum, fun, and oh yeah, yum!

Erin J said...

I cannot believe you left a comment on my blog. You must have known that you have been on my mind like crazy for weeks. No joke!!! Weeks! Yeah, I know. I suck. Lol. When can you get together? How are things? Email me!