Saturday, May 16, 2009

This and that

I realize I've left you hanging on a few things so I'm going to post some quick updates:

Grass - it's coming along nicely but I think I should put more seed down.

Weeds - will need to be sprayed again once the grass is more established.

Boobs - I'm having them reduced next Tuesday, May 19th and my adorable teenage sister is coming to babysit me while I recover. I smell a Battlestar Galactica marathon!

Hormones - "normal" according to the endocrinologist, although my leptin levels are 57 when they should be below 27, my TSH is 2.6 when it should be below 1.0 and my blood glucose levels were all way above the normal range. He gave me a prescription for Metformin to raise my insulin sensitivity. So far it makes me feel a little bit nauseated all the time.

Tragic boy at work - accuses me of always being busy because I don't stop to chit chat, tells me I'm spoiled/lucky because I have a DVR (spoiled/lucky? really?? I decided I wanted it and I pay for it, so who is spoiling me and where is the luck in that?) and hangs around my cubicle for 30 minute stretches that feel like forever. Less is more my friend! Well, except when it's... less.

In other news, I watched the Stargate SG1 season 6 finale last night. I only have 4 seasons left but I think I'll be starting season 1 of Stargate Atlantis very soon. I haven't seen the spin-off episode yet but I can feel it coming. I might finish the series while I'm recovering from the double boob-otomy. It kind of depends on what Nineofadozen/America's Next Top Model (ie my adorable sister) wants to do while she's here.

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