Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let's get surgical, surgical

How much boob would a boob doc dock if a boob doc could dock boobs?

Good news! My insurance company has approved the reduction surgery as long as I get it done within 6 months. I'm surprised they came back with an answer so quickly. I expected to hear in May that it had been rejected and then go through the process of appealing. Not so. I must look worse than I thought!

Now I have to decide when (or if) I'm going to do this. First I need to figure out what it will cost me out of pocket, then I need to figure out how much more money to pump into fixing up my house and yard this year. Should I spend $1,000 on new topsoil around the foundation? Probably. Can I afford it if I'm throwing a couple grand into a boob job? Maybe not. What about landscaping, or painting and hanging drywall? Too bad all of my options for cheap labor are in another timezone.

I also have to think about whether or not I'll have a job in six months. My company is being sold and there is a very strong chance that my department will be laid off. Should I save the surgery money for living expenses, or will having the surgery improve my confidence and give me an edge in the job hunt? Should I throw all the money into fixing up the house in case I can't afford the payments and have to sell it, or would that be a wasted effort?

Another consideration is whether or not I can lose weight first. So far, the answer is "not" but I'm hoping my new endocrinologist can help figure out my hormones. He has a few dietitians on staff. My experience with dietitians hasn't been very positive before but none of them were working alongside a hormone specialist either. I did a 2 hour glucose tolerance test Monday morning and I'm waiting for the results. I will probably go in for another consultation next week. I guess I can put off the surgery decision until after I hear what he has to say.

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