Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hunger strike

After 2+ years of feeding the cats Eukanuba Indoor Hairball Relief I find myself changing their food again.  Eukanuba doesn't sell it in large bags anymore and I don't want to pay more per pound for a small bag.  I selected By Nature Adult Cat Formula because I was impressed by the ingredients: no corn, wheat or soy. Cats are carnivores, they shouldn't be eating cattle feed, right?  And they don't really have a hairball problem, per se.  I thought maybe a food they could digest better would eliminate the need for extra fiber, which is all there really is to "hairball relief".  Plus there's a picture of a Bengal on the bag.  Sold!

The cats are not as impressed as I was.  The new kibble is X-shaped where the old was round.  It has a different smell and texture.  This is not food, in their opinion.  I'm mixing it 50/50 with the old stuff.  They are very good at finding the old and spitting out the new.  There are half-empty bowls of cat food sitting around for the first time in... ever, actually.  I'll give it a few more days but I don't think the cats are going to budge on this one.  I may have to cut my losses and go back to Eukanuba.

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The Joe said...

Stupid smart Kitties.