Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cute stuff

My sister, Twoofadozen, has been very busy crocheting very cute things. Look what she sent me! I especially like the green flower with the tan button in the middle. Too cute!!

I admit I haven't worn the headband or purple hat as much as I would like to. My moisturizer has a lot of peroxide in it and I'm afraid it will bleach them - like it bleached my towels and pillows. Not cool. I can wear them, I just have to be super careful that they don't touch my forehead.

Speaking of cute things, I bought myself a new purse. Look at how beautiful!

Why yes, that is a Dalek hanging from the purse strap. How astute of you to notice. I'm even more impressed that you know what a Dalek is.

This particular Dalek is a cell phone charm that flashes and vibrates when my phone is active. Text messages and phone calls get it all excited. Good times.


Mary said...

I love that purse. I want to go to there.

The dalek is awesome. I'm calling it the new thing I learned today.

The Joe said...

That is a nice purse. And I love the dalek. I'm sad I didn't find it first, because now if I get one I'm a follower :( But imma get one anyway.

One of a dozen said...

The purse was at Kohl's for around $45 (marked down from $79 but, really, when is anything ever full price at Kohl's?).

The dalek is very cool. Joe, if you don't get one on your own then I'll send you one for your birthday. And then I'll send James a Tardis. Yay!

The Joe said...

i almost almost almost got a tardis on the back of my leg once :P

One of a dozen said...

Oooo! A Tardis tramp stamp would be the ultimate in Geek Chic. Can you imagine?!